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Free Scrapbooking Materials

Jun 29 2011 08:25 PM | Tricia Meyer in Raising Money Minded Kids
Creating scrapbooks for your kids can be incredibly expensive. From the leather-bound books to the background pages to the embellishments, the costs can really add up. We want the books to be beautiful and creative, but we do not need to spend a fortune on them. Here are some tips for inexpensively making scrapbooks.

Often when you vacation you end up with guides and maps of some kind. These are usually free when you visit and end up crumpled up in your backpack at the end of the trip. Whether you are visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, Disney, or Washington, D.C., you should save those maps and use them in two ways. First, op...
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The True Cost of Waiting to Buy Long-Term Care ...

Jun 10 2011 12:00 AM | Phyllis Shelton in Protecting Your Family
I had to share a story of a mom who contacted me recently because she had just read Suze’s advice in The Money Class about the importance of long-term care insurance. At the beginning of the chapter, Suze makes it clear that she used to advise consumers to wait til age 59 to purchase long-term care insurance but now she believes that is the LATEST anyone should wait. That’s really great advice, and I was glad to have the opportunity to reiterate it with this mom. Here’s the story:

Rachel* is a 48-year-old single parent of two daughters in high school. She believes she should consider long-term care...
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Stress Management

Jun 09 2011 08:30 PM | Sabrina O’Malone in House, Heart, & Home
We all know better than to stress, yet why do so many of us do it with such alarming regularity?

Sometimes it’s poor planning. Cramming in “one more quick thing” after another until you wind up leaving too late to make it to an appointment on time. That’s a guaranteed way to add stress for the entire drive.

Sometimes it’s from a tendency to splurge when you’ve “got the money” - but don't actually have a decent emergency fund set aside. Then when an emergency strikes, there’s a reason to stress.

Other times it’s plain old-fashioned worry over what “could” or “might” happen. Worry about your job, fa...
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Living on Less

Jun 07 2011 05:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
Living frugally doesn’t have to be painful or depriving. In fact, it can be amazingly rewarding!

The best example that I know of is my Godmother, Rosa. She never made a ton of money, yet she was so careful that she did things some wealthy people could never “afford”.

Rosa worked for 30 years at the same place. She told me the only time she didn’t bring her lunch from home was if there was a big celebration at the office. She would bring her lunch in reusable containers. She was “green” way ahead of her time. Rosa believed that throwing away food was as bad as committing a sin, so she made sure she didn’t.
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Natural Victims

Jun 06 2011 06:20 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Protecting Your Family
My mother is a Holocaust survivor, rapidly approaching ninety years of age. She told me that someone called her, saying he is a volunteer with one of the reparation organizations, and wants to help her get some money. It’s always nice when one of those groups pop up and another tiny trickle of dollars comes her way.

But he said something very odd, and disturbing. He told her that he can arrange for my mother to receive a steady pension for the rest of her life - providing she pays back what she has received in the past. He’ll be happy to come out to her home and help her make the arrangements.

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Quality Time versus Quantity Time

May 27 2011 03:55 PM | Sabrina O’Malone in Raising Money Minded Kids
Can a parent have one without the other? Sure, you spend time with your kids doing nothing in particular. But those are often the moments that turn out to be the most valuable.

For example, because my father passed away recently I've had the opportunity to reflect, analyze and consider him as an individual. What turns out to be the things I miss and remember most?

His laugh.
His habit of reading the newspaper every day.
His voice.
The sight of his face...things I spent nearly 43 years just being around.

Things that required a significant quantity of time to get to know. Sur...
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Make your “Joe” – save a “Benjamin”

May 25 2011 05:40 PM | Doreen Kukral in Feeding Your Family
The “Benjamin” I’m talking about is Ben Franklin… the face on the one hundred dollar bill. And what if I told you it’s possible to save $100 a month by changing just one daily habit…

Your coffee… yes, your daily “Joe”.

If your day typically starts by dropping in at your favorite coffee spot, you’re likely spending a few dollars on your “Joe” or even more on the fancy concoctions. Add an afternoon pick-me-up, a spouse or partner, and you’re spending some serious cash, each and every day.

Making coffee at home can s...
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Helplessness Can be Overcome

May 24 2011 05:50 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Protecting Your Family
A recent question to TaxMama was very disturbing. It was particularly disturbing because I know how commonly this kind of thing happens. So do you.

After a bad marriage, undoubtedly full of bullying and anger, the couple gets divorced. The court orders the pension plan to split or awarded to the wife. He steals it or spends it. He files a tax return early, forges her name or PIN (on an electronic return) and steals the refund. Or leaves her stuck for HIS big tax bill without her knowledge or consent. He doesn’t bother to pay child support or alimony, except where it’s convenient. Or he hides his assets in someone else’s name.<...
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Being Disorganized Is Expensive

May 19 2011 07:00 PM | Tricia Meyer in House, Heart, & Home
While most people would agree that being organized saves you time, do you also realize that it can save you money? I’m not the most organized person, but I am trying to become better at it because I know more and more that my lack of organization actually costs me money.

One great example is Dramamine. Every time that I go on a trip, I have to take Dramamine, whether it is a car, a boat, or a plane. Most of the time I buy one of those little bottles that has 10 in it but I only end up taking 4-6 of them throughout the trip. When I come home, the Dramamine gets tossed into a drawer in my bathroom or an overnight bag in the clos...
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Getting into Alignment

May 18 2011 06:35 PM | Sabrina O’Malone in House, Heart, & Home

When Suze launched MoneyMindedMoms, the first article I wrote for her was about Vision. It’s an important principle when you’re seeking to improve your life. After envisioning what you want for your future, the next step is to set goals. However there’s another important component towards making your vision, hopes and dreams a reality.

Are your daily actions in alignment with your vision and goals?

If you’ve ever had the wheels of yo...
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