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5 Low Cost Ideas for Family Entertainment
Jan 10 2011 08:00 PM | Jen Goode  in Coupons & Discounts -----
You don’t have to spend a ton of cash when you want to do something fun with the whole family. Although going to the big entertainment complexes or activity centers can be a lot of fun, there are a ton of low or no cost options that your kids will love... if you love them too. Be enthusiastic yourself and your kids will follow your lead (assuming you have younger kids). Older kids can often times be a harder sell, so the challenge is in showing them the activities are fun and let them see for themselves.

Have a game night. Whether it’s a board game, a card game or even a multi-player video game, your whole family can get in some fantastic quality fun playing games together. Pair younger players with older family members to create “teams” for added fun.

“Make your own” night. We like “make your own pizza night”. Set out various pizza ingredients and then everyone makes their own pizza masterpiece. We’ve also tried this with ice cream sundaes... so much fun and it only costs the price of a family stay home meal!

Picnic in the park. Gather the family and some travel-friendly food such as sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc. and head to the local park for a bit of outside play and munchies.

Movie night. Make some popcorn, rent a movie and enjoy a few hours of fun in your own living room.

Treasure Hunt. Make an ordinary day a bit more fun by setting up a treasure hunt for the kids. You can find detailed instructions for planning a treasure hunt at my site, Projects for Preschoolers. You can easily adapt the ideas for older kids.

You can create fun out of very little setup and at little or no cost. Take an ordinary location and make it extraordinarily fun just by showing your own enthusiasm.


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Doreen Kukral 

10 January 2011 - 05:06 PM
We've done "all of the above", Jen, (some of them weekly!) and they do make for great family time without the extraordinary expense!
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