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Erasing & Managing Your Debt

Living on Less

Jun 07 2011 05:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
Living frugally doesn’t have to be painful or depriving. In fact, it can be amazingly rewarding!

The best example that I know of is my Godmother, Rosa. She never made a ton of money, yet she was so careful that she did things some wealthy people could never “afford”.

Rosa worked for 30 years at the same place. She told me the only time she didn’t bring her lunch from home was if there was a big celebration at the office. She would bring her lunch in reusable containers. She was “green” way ahead of her time. Rosa believed that throwing away food was as bad as committing a sin, so she made sure she didn’t.
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Three Things Rich People do that Poor People Do...

May 04 2011 07:00 PM | Sabrina O’Malone in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
There are three things “rich people” (or people who actually have money) do that poor people don’t. Even if you have a relatively low income, these kinds of habits can help your family get ahead.

1. Rich people know exactly how much money they’ve got & know what they’re willing to spend. Why not create a spending plan or write out your budget and stick to it - like they do?

2. Re-think impulse purchases. Consider the ones strategically placed in checkout aisles. Their purpose is to sway easily suggestible people or people with weak self-control. Be honest, how often do you really go to the store for a candy ...
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5 Tricks to Save Money

Apr 12 2011 07:00 PM | Sabrina O’Malone in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
Have you noticed that saving energy and saving money go hand in hand these days? Here are five easy tricks to help you save both:

1. Don’t idle. When you’re in the car waiting to pick up your kids, turn the engine off! You’ll save gas - which at today’s prices saves significant money (and helps the environment.)

2. Replace your household lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs. They last 6-10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. And they can cut 20% (or more) off of your electric bill because they use a fraction of the electricity.

3. Unplug your household appliances when they’re not...
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Women-owned Small Businesses (WOSB) , Part 3

Apr 07 2011 08:00 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
We’ve been following guidance received from Lourdes Martin-Rosa and Amex Open about how to get started getting into the government CCR database.

I’ve been entering my information into the database, to help you understand what problems you will encounter.

One stumbling block from last time was that I used...
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Tax Payments Are Due

Apr 04 2011 08:00 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
Well my friends, I have good news for you and bad news.

The good news is, that you have three extra days to finish your tax returns – until April 18th. You can thank Abraham Lincoln for signing the Compensated Emancipation Act (more familiarly known as the Emancipation Proclamation) on April 16, 1862. Since holidays that fall on Saturdays are celebrated on the Friday before – the rest of country is relieved from the April 15th deadline.

The bad news is – , if you have a balance due, you will still have to pay your taxes by April 18th. If you are self-employed, or an investor, you will have to pay your estimated t...
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Women-owned Small Businesses (WOSB) , Part 2

Mar 09 2011 08:00 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
In our last episode, you learned, from Lourdes Martin-Rosa, how a home-based meeting planner generated $170,000 in government contracts within two years after looking into these opportunities for women.

How can you do this, too? There’s no mystery about this.

This is the foundation you need to get started, according to Lourdes Martin-Rosa and
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Cash in on Government Contracts for Women, Part 1

Mar 02 2011 08:00 PM | Eva Rosenberg in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
With this opportunity, you can't help making money!

This economy is so bad that unemployment rates in some communities are well over the national norm of 10% or so. We know that those numbers don’t include people who have been unemployed for so long that they can’t collect unemployment benefits anymore. Those numbers don’t include those of us who are working, but having to eat unpaid furlough days. (I think my husband is losing nearly two days a month.)

So what are we going to do?

Easy! We are going to take full advantage of the free resources provided by American Express Open to help wome...
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Change Can Change Your Life

Feb 10 2011 08:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
You have probably heard that the best way to save is to make it automatic. It sounds great in theory, but with many families barely getting by, saving for a rainy day seems impossible.

If you feel like you literally don’t have an extra dollar to save, then don’t. Instead, start saving your coins.

The key here, though, is to use only dollars when you shop. Even if you buy a pack of gum and it costs $1.07, hand the cashier $2.00 in bills and pocket the change.

Do this all day long and at the end of the day, put your change in a large container that is easily accessible to your partner or ...
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Business Travel Can Eat At Your Wallet

Feb 08 2011 08:00 PM | Jen Goode in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
I've been traveling quite a bit for work. The costs can add up really quickly and when it comes to work travel, sometimes we get in the bad habit of justifying the money we're spending rather than getting into the habit of watching where we're spending.

Here are some things to think about the next time you have a business trip to plan for:

  • Buy airfare ahead of time. Watch for special fares and buy when the prices are lower rather than waiting until the last minute. I try to fly Southwest because if I have a change in plans, I...
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Do What You Love and the Money Will Come

Feb 05 2011 08:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Erasing & Managing Your Debt
I heard this quote many years ago and it really stuck in my mind.

Of course, everyone needs to make enough money to make ends meet. However, life is too short to be in a job you hate.

That doesn’t mean quit your job and pursue your dream as a belly dancer. But… if you really love it, see if you can find a way to make some money.

The best way to do that is to start part-time while keeping your full-time job.

That way you continue earning a steady income, as you make sure you really love your dream job as much as you think you do and can make a living at it.

A few years afte...
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