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Living on Less
Jun 07 2011 05:00 PM | Vicky Collins  in Erasing & Managing Your Debt -----
Living frugally doesn’t have to be painful or depriving. In fact, it can be amazingly rewarding!

The best example that I know of is my Godmother, Rosa. She never made a ton of money, yet she was so careful that she did things some wealthy people could never “afford”.

Rosa worked for 30 years at the same place. She told me the only time she didn’t bring her lunch from home was if there was a big celebration at the office. She would bring her lunch in reusable containers. She was “green” way ahead of her time. Rosa believed that throwing away food was as bad as committing a sin, so she made sure she didn’t.

She was a seamstress before she got an office job and could make beautiful clothes and gifts. Her motto was “if it’s not on sale, don’t buy it.”

Rosa always drove a nice car, but nothing too flashy. Her key to that was buying a used car every time she needed a new one. She knew that a car's value drops significantly the moment you drive it off the lot.

You may think that it sounds tedious to do all those things, but being so careful in her everyday life afforded Rosa the ability to travel and retire comfortably.

She goes to Spain every two years and has traveled many European countries and throughout the United States.

When I asked Rosa if she had any tips on how she sacrificed to get by, she looked at me for a moment and said, “Sacrifice isn’t really sacrifice if what you’re doing brings you joy and what you really want in life.”

I took pause and realized how true that is for money… and for being a mom.

Vicky Collins is a Jersey Girl who relocated to Austin, TX. She has been married to Shawn since May 1996, and they have four children (Caity, Lexie, Kerri, and Jack) and a shelter dog (Mattingly). Through a recipe of discipline and various financial strategies, she has not carried credit card debt since the mid-90's. Vicky preaches to her friends and occasional strangers that it’s imperative for women to understand and be involved in family money matters, and blogs about it at Follow Ask the Mama on Twitter and Facebook.


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