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Feeding Your Family

Make your “Joe” – save a “Benjamin”

May 25 2011 05:40 PM | Doreen Kukral in Feeding Your Family
The “Benjamin” I’m talking about is Ben Franklin… the face on the one hundred dollar bill. And what if I told you it’s possible to save $100 a month by changing just one daily habit…

Your coffee… yes, your daily “Joe”.

If your day typically starts by dropping in at your favorite coffee spot, you’re likely spending a few dollars on your “Joe” or even more on the fancy concoctions. Add an afternoon pick-me-up, a spouse or partner, and you’re spending some serious cash, each and every day.

Making coffee at home can s...
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Shop Smarter

Apr 26 2011 07:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Feeding Your Family
Saving at the grocery store is not always an easy task. I am the first to admit that I am horrible at using coupons. However, I have started doing a few things that are absolutely worth my time that I’d like to share with you.

Having four kids means I am busy all the time. Lucky for me, my kids actually like bringing their lunch to school. So for a long time I justified buying mini bags of pretzels, goldfish crackers and bottles of water.

One day when I was feeling especially organized I made ten mini bags of pretzels from a large generic bag I bought at HEB.

The little individual bags cost ...
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Throw it in a Pot and Call it Dinner

Apr 15 2011 07:00 PM | Jen Goode in Feeding Your Family
With 3 growing kids in the house I always seem to be making a meal for someone. Sometimes, by the time dinner comes around, cooking isn't on my favorites list. However, going out to eat can become expensive and isn't always as healthy an option as we'd like for our family.

The Solution

Plan your meals ahead of time making an extra batch or extra portions that you can use in quick meals another night. On days where cooking fits into the schedule a bit more, I'll make double batches of family favorites and then store and freeze half. So instead of pulling out frozen food ...
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Groceries on a Budget

Apr 01 2011 08:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Feeding Your Family
Feeding your family can be very costly, especially when you have growing children and some picky eaters.

Here are some suggestions on how to save at the grocery store:

1) Buy what’s on sale. I know it may seem like an obvious idea, but often I start to reach for a box of cereal when I notice another cereal I like is ½ price.

If you pay attention long enough, you will find that one or more brands are usually on sale during any given week. Be less brand loyal and you will save at the register.

2) Buy in season. The prices for produce can vary immensely. If you like berries and some ...
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Buy from Bulk Bins and Save a Bundle

Mar 28 2011 07:05 PM | Doreen Kukral in Feeding Your Family
How often have you headed to your pantry to retrieve an ingredient only to stand there wiping dust from the package? You can’t even recall how old the ingredient is, or if you should even risk using it.

Then, you make the dreaded decision… you toss it in the trash and add it to your grocery list.

While this may seem the safest bet (so as not to ruin what you’re planning to prepare) it can also become quite costly.

Instead, consider buying from bulk bins. For foods like grains, spices, baking ingredients, coffee, tea and even meats purchased from the counter, this can be...
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Save And Teach With School Lunches

Feb 22 2011 08:00 PM | Jen Goode in Feeding Your Family
I've gone back and forth over the years whether it's better to send a packed lunch to school with the kids or have them buy "hot lunch". With all the extra snacks and treats the kids want in their lunch, school provided lunches can actually come out a bargain. However, this can be an opportunity to teach some extra responsibility.

Instead of packing lunches or simply refilling the school lunch account, task your child with the duty of making their own lunch. Give them a food budget, "here's the lunch supplies, they need to last until Friday", and let them have at it. The responsibility of making one...
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Cereal Muffin Recipe

Feb 20 2011 08:00 PM | Kim Rowley in Feeding Your Family
Do your kids tend to abandon a box of cereal when the box is just about empty because they don't want the cereal crumbs in their bowl? I know mine do!

Other times, I buy new and different kinds cereal if I can get it free or really inexpensive by combining sales with coupons, but then my kids (and even I sometimes) won't eat it if we don't like it. And if the package is already open, I can’t just donate the box to a food pantry. So I got this recipe from my mother to make cereal muffins that we all enjoy:

Cereal Muffin Recipe

I’m Not a Short Order Cook

Jan 11 2011 08:00 PM | Tricia Meyer in Feeding Your Family
Now that the new year has started and my husband and I are back on Weight Watchers, feeding my family gets a little bit trickier. Although I want my kids to eat healthy, I want to be sure that I am making foods that they will eat and will not be wasted. At the same time, I have to alter a lot of what I am making to fit within my husband and mine’s dietary restrictions. How can I do that without feeling like a short order cook and having to make different dinners for different people?

The key is to make a couple of staples at each meal that fit the bill for all of us and then add on extras for the other people. For example, I w...
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The Solution to Picky Eaters

Jan 08 2011 08:00 PM | Vicky Collins in Feeding Your Family
In an effort to be healthy and economical, I cook most nights of the week. Unfortunately, in my house, I have a few picky eaters. Especially my two youngest who have the appetites of birds, and zero culinary curiosity.

I read once if a child is hungry enough, they will eat anything in front of them. Ok, great plan.

So, I've made sure they were super hungry before I put dinner in front of them.

I told them if they didn’t eat what was there, I was not making a second meal, nor was I going to give them cereal or crackers later on.

Both have called my bluff many times. They refused ...
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Restaurant Tips for Budgeting Families

Jan 01 2011 08:00 PM | Tricia Meyer in Feeding Your Family
Everyone in my family likes to eat out at restaurants but our budget just doesn’t allow it. It’s nice to splurge sometimes, so I have found creative ways for us to be able to eat out while sticking to our weekly budget. Obviously the easiest solution is just “don’t eat out.” Yet for many families it is a nice treat that is worth planning for each week or month (depending upon your situation). Here are some things that my family does to maximize our dollars at restaurants.

  • Make your restaurant meal your big meal of the day but earlier than dinner. Many restaurants have great specials at lunchtime, even on Sa...
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