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Save And Teach With School Lunches
Feb 22 2011 08:00 PM | Jen Goode  in Feeding Your Family -----
I've gone back and forth over the years whether it's better to send a packed lunch to school with the kids or have them buy "hot lunch". With all the extra snacks and treats the kids want in their lunch, school provided lunches can actually come out a bargain. However, this can be an opportunity to teach some extra responsibility.

Instead of packing lunches or simply refilling the school lunch account, task your child with the duty of making their own lunch. Give them a food budget, "here's the lunch supplies, they need to last until Friday", and let them have at it. The responsibility of making one's own lunch can be fun while empowering your child to make their own choices. They will also learn time management, "do I make lunch before bed or will I have time in the morning?".

We still need to make sure there is a lunch from time to time, but now, in my house, hot lunch has become an extra special treat while the kids begin to take ownership of their own food choices. Not only do they help by making their own lunches, they help pick out the supplies when it's time to shop. I've found my kids enjoy the duty and as an unexpected bonus, they rarely forget to bring the lunch box home from school.


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08 March 2011 - 11:23 AM
Great idea!! The school lunches in my district are honestly a joke. I look at the line up and can't believe what they serve. Sending the kids to school with a home packed lunch ensures they eat something good and does save money. Great tip!!
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