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Throw it in a Pot and Call it Dinner
Apr 15 2011 07:00 PM | Jen Goode  in Feeding Your Family -----
With 3 growing kids in the house I always seem to be making a meal for someone. Sometimes, by the time dinner comes around, cooking isn't on my favorites list. However, going out to eat can become expensive and isn't always as healthy an option as we'd like for our family.

The Solution

Plan your meals ahead of time making an extra batch or extra portions that you can use in quick meals another night. On days where cooking fits into the schedule a bit more, I'll make double batches of family favorites and then store and freeze half. So instead of pulling out frozen food from the over processed aisle, I'm serving healthy food that I made in a fraction of the time.

Sometimes I'll just make extra portions of part of a meal that I can then use in a second meal. Try cooking up hamburgers that can then be broken up and added to spaghetti sauce or chili another night. This ingredient sharing is also a great way to cut on grocery costs. We throw out less food and save more.

One of my favorite tricks is "chili night". You can combine any number of things with a variety of beans and call it chili. White beans, chicken, some veggies and a can of cream of chicken soup is super easy and fabulously tasty. Or how about broccoli, ham, bacon and bean yumminess? Throw in your own combination, let it simmer in the crock pot all day and see what wonderful dinner happens without you doing any heavy lifting in the kitchen.

Happy dinner planning!


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15 April 2011 - 04:44 PM
I love, love, love, love my crockpot. Was a lifesaver when I was a working mom! Still use it as a busy stay at home mom.!
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