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Getting into Alignment
May 18 2011 06:35 PM | Sabrina O’Malone  in House, Heart, & Home -----

When Suze launched MoneyMindedMoms, the first article I wrote for her was about Vision. It’s an important principle when you’re seeking to improve your life. After envisioning what you want for your future, the next step is to set goals. However there’s another important component towards making your vision, hopes and dreams a reality.

Are your daily actions in alignment with your vision and goals?

If you’ve ever had the wheels of your car out of alignment, you know it’s harder to steer the car, it wears down the tread on your tires and the car burns more gas - because the engine needs more fuel to overcome the additional friction between the road and tires. It’s obvious that keeping your wheels aligned will save you aggravation, save your tires and save you gas.

But when it comes to your daily life, how well do your actions align with the overarching vision for what you want your life to be?

For example, if you want to buy a new house, you can probably envision what it would be like. You might even have goals to pay off credit cards, increase your credit score and to put money aside for a down payment. But when payday comes or when you find yourself with a some extra money, what do you do with it? Do you pay extra on a bill, do you put it in savings or just splurge on something? If you tend to choose the latter, then your actions are not in alignment with your vision and goals, and it’s getting in the way of achieving the lifestyle you truly want.

2011 is halfway over. Go back and revisit your vision and goals. Now’s the perfect time to make your daily actions and habits contribute towards reaching it.

Sabrina O’Malone works full-time while raising and homeschooling her 6 children ages 13 and under. (That’s no typo - six kids + a full-time job + homeschooling!) Thanks to the Great Recession, she and her husband Daniel are rediscovering the lost art of frugality - and writing about the secrets to maintaining a great lifestyle while saving money. To keep up to date on Sabrina’s comings and goings and other hot-button topics, check out the following:


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