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Natural Remedies for What Ails You
May 10 2011 04:55 PM | Doreen Kukral  in House, Heart, & Home -----
My medicine cabinet is nearly empty. By nature, I’m someone who prefers not to use medication unless deemed absolutely necessary.

Over-the-counter remedies can also be quite costly. Often times, you use only a portion of what you buy, and then it hangs around until it expires and gets tossed into the trash.

Have you ever considered your spice cabinet? Chances are, you already have an “ingredient” in your pantry that’s a great remedy for what ails you... and it doesn’t even require an expensive trip to your drugstore.

Ginger – add some to your tea to reduce congestion; add a few drops to a teaspoon of honey for an irritated throat; ginger (and even ginger candy) can also help ease nausea

Garlic - its antibiotic properties are great for eardrops when crushed and added to olive oil; it makes an antibiotic cough syrup when crushed and added to honey; simply eating it (raw, preferably) is a great overall antibacterial for the body

Honey – consuming just a teaspoon full can help soothe an irritating cough

Turmeric – combined with olive oil, its antiseptic properties make it a great remedy for skin irritations

Pepper – use it regularly to help improve digestion issues; it also aids in overall oral health

Cloves – thanks to its analgesic properties chewing a clove will help remedy a toothache

Before you make a trip to the drugstore, survey your spice cabinet. You may already have plenty of solutions already at your fingertips.

(Disclosure: For me, all of these remedies are tried and true, but I must also say that I’m not a doctor. You should always research these recommendations and consult your physician if you have concerns about your own personal health.)

Doreen Kukral is creator of, a popular weblog that offers a glimpse into her family’s journey to "going green". With her contributions to Money Minded Moms she hopes to inspire others by sharing realistic ideas and information necessary to make wise choices where family health, wellness and environmental conservation are concerned and dispel the myth that going green is a costly commitment.
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