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Free Scrapbooking Materials
Jun 29 2011 08:25 PM | Tricia Meyer  in Raising Money Minded Kids -----
Creating scrapbooks for your kids can be incredibly expensive. From the leather-bound books to the background pages to the embellishments, the costs can really add up. We want the books to be beautiful and creative, but we do not need to spend a fortune on them. Here are some tips for inexpensively making scrapbooks.

Often when you vacation you end up with guides and maps of some kind. These are usually free when you visit and end up crumpled up in your backpack at the end of the trip. Whether you are visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, Disney, or Washington, D.C., you should save those maps and use them in two ways. First, open them up and cut them into whole sheets to make the background of your trip scrapbook pages. Second, have the kids cut out specific attractions and descriptions that they liked the most and use them as embellishments.

Another inexpensive way to decorate the scrapbooks is to use not only the kids’ artwork from school but also their tests and homework sheets. Select a few papers where they scored high and piece them together to form an interesting background. Cut out the stickers and kinds words that the teachers wrote on the papers to use as embellishments. This is particularly great for those “first day of school” and “last day of school” picture pages.

Lastly, use some of the kids’ thin cotton shirts to cut into squares and shapes to use in the scrapbook. It will be a good reminder of the clothes they wore in a particular year plus add texture and interest to the books.

How else do you keep scrapbooking costs down?

Tricia Meyer is an attorney, blogger, affiliate marketer, wife, and mother of two daughters. Her cash back site Sunshine Rewards helps moms save money with coupons and shopping rebates.


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