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Gift Cards Teach Lessons
May 02 2011 07:00 PM | Tricia Meyer  in Raising Money Minded Kids -----
I’ve never been a big fan of giving family members gift cards for holidays unless they were for a specific purpose. I like giving gifts that show I put a lot of thought into them. However, after seeing my kids receive a few gift cards in the last year, I am starting to appreciate that they can be more than a gift. Gift cards can also help teach our kids lessons about saving and budgeting.

My girls love to read and entertainment in general. They are always asking for copies of the newest animated DVD or the sequels to their favorite books. Rather than just buy them for the kids, I have started to teach them how to use their gift cards to save for what they really want. For example, when they get an Amazon gift card for Christmas, I encourage them not to spend it immediately. Then the next month when a book that they want is released, I remind them that they could use their gift card for it.

The kids are learning the actual cost of items because they now have to try to “stretch” those gift cards to get as much out of them as they can. They also have to prioritize what they want to buy. The end result is that I am spending less money just splurging when the kids ask for something, and the kids are learning valuable lessons in economics. A win-win for our whole family!

Tricia Meyer is an attorney, blogger, affiliate marketer, wife, and mother of two daughters. Her cash back site Sunshine Rewards helps moms save money with coupons and shopping rebates. Her newest venture, Hunger Games Fan, combines her love of deals with pop culture.


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