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Kids as Cooks and Critics: The Great Cookie Challenge
Mar 10 2011 08:00 PM | Liz Strauss  in Raising Money Minded Kids -----
Some Cookies Are Better than Others
It was a red letter day when my mom made her special chocolate chip cookie recipe. All of my friends in school, even through college, waited in anticipation for a taste or two. They were something special. Those cookie stores in the mall had nothing on my mom. No. Nothing beats great cookies from the oven.

Do your kids have a favorite cookie? Create a fun family project by taking on the Great Cookie Challenge. Plan time to shop together and do the following.

  • Choose a commonly offered cookie that you can find three ways - buy it prepackaged from the grocery story, buy the same kind from a bakery, and buy the ingredients to make that cookie from a recipe at home.

  • Keep the receipts from each purchase so that you can compare prices later.

  • Bake the cookie recipe together according to directions.

  • Then have a taste test of all three versions.

The Great Cookie Challenge
Have your children sit at a table as if they are contestants or judges on a famous TV show. Explain that their quest today will be choosing how to choose a great cookie.

Challenge your kids to name what might be important to choosing cookies wisely. You might guide them to consider: taste, cost - price per bite, time, convenience, and overall experience.

Allow each child to do a small taste test. Then ask them to explain how to rate each of the three cookies. You might also ask them to describe a situation in which each kind of cookie might be the best choice above the others.

Thank them for their help and enjoy the cookies with your children!


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11 March 2011 - 02:57 PM
What a great idea! In reading this article it made me automatically think of getting my friend and her daughters to come over and enjoy this as well. Its a cheap way to have some time at home with friends (mine and my childs)
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