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  • Vicky Collins

    Vicky Collins

    Vicky Collins is a Jersey Girl who headed west to Austin, TX with her family in November 2010. She has been married to Shawn since May 1996, and they have four children (Caity, Lexie, Kerri, and Jack) and two shelter dogs (Mickey and Mattingly). Her mom was from Spain and Vicky was brought up bilingual. She has taught her children to speak Spanish from the time they were born to continue the legacy. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, reading scary and sappy books, going to church, listening to live music, and hanging out with family and friends.

    Vicky graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Psychology in 1993, and worked as an assistant to Nancy Peretsman, a managing director at New York investment company Allen & Co. LLC, while pursuing a Masters in Education. But she dropped everything when her dream job as a stay at home mom started in 1999. She has handled the finances for her family since she was married, as well as for Shawn’s marketing company since it launched in 2004. In addition to day to day money matters, she has been hands-on with the purchase and sale of several houses, family investments, and children's college plans. Through a recipe of discipline and various financial strategies, she has not carried credit card debt since the mid-90's. Vicky preaches to her friends and occasional strangers that it’s imperative for women to understand and be involved in family money matters, and blogs about it at

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  • Jen Goode

    Jen Goode

    Jen Goode is a work-at-home mom and multitasking entrepreneur based in Colorado. She grew up in a typical middle class family with a love for art. By 1995 she was a single mom on public assistance with no idea where her life was going. She was determined to not get stuck in a broken system so she went back to school to earn her college degree while working full time. With a desire to spend more time with her son and her passion for art, Jen started her first business in 1998 working from home providing Graphic Design to clients. She is now happily married with 3 fabulous kids and still working from home.

    In 2005, after watching the business potential online grow, Jen registered JGoode Designs, gave herself the title "doodler in charge" and jumped into a new direction with her creative business. She let go of her clients, focused on designing for herself and by 2009 Jen's illustrations had sold over $1 million in products. Her most well known collection is "Penguinality", a series of cartoon penguins. Jen now makes a living creating art for a variety of commercial uses from licensing to handmade gifts. In addition to her creative talents, Jen has a geeky side and enjoys building websites, affiliate marketing and social media. Jen is a member of the Performance Marketing Association and the Craft and Hobby Association.

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  • Doreen Kukral

    Doreen Kukral

    Doreen Kukral is a former advertising account executive turned stay-at-home mom and creator of, a popular weblog that offers a glimpse into her family’s journey to going green. Raised by a single mother on a public school teacher’s salary, she quickly learned that frugality and cost-cutting was a necessity but none of the necessities in life needed to be sacrificed as a result.

    Her mom’s passion for "being green" ( long before "green" had the meaning it has today) also became a passion for Doreen, dating back to regularly packing up recyclables and carting them across town to the only recycling center in multiple counties. Today she lives comfortably with her husband and two children on the income of only her husband, but they proudly carry little debt and still live a green and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

    Her hope is to inspire others by sharing realistic ideas and information necessary to make wise choices where family health, wellness and environmental conservation are concerned. She shares her best tips and tricks at and hopes to help dispel the misconception that environmental consciousness and a healthy well-being is a costly commitment. Her greatest inspiration is doing her part to help make the world a better place for her children and she hopes to teach them how to treat their planet and live a better, healthier, eco-friendly life.

    Articles by Doreen Kukral

  • Mariel LaSasso

    Mariel LaSasso

    Mariel LaSasso is a lawyer, entrepreneur and founding member of LaSasso Griesmeyer Law Group PLLC ("LGLG"), where she runs the firm's civil and criminal litigation practices. Mariel's practice of law is motivated by her fierce protective instincts and loyalty, which she learned from her tight-knit family. Mariel's parents instilled in her and her three siblings the self-confidence to believe that they could accomplish anything and the character to help others when they are in need. When faced with financial hardship following her parents' divorce, Mariel set out on a path towards self-awareness and financial security, studying philosophy and paying her own way through college and law school.

    Mariel received her B.A. from George Washington University where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, with honors in Philosophy. In 2005, she received her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and an appellate advocacy award as part of the Moot Court Honor Society. Mariel also served as a law clerk for the Honorable Frederic Block, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York. In 2008, Mariel founded LGLG, a boutique law firm representing businesses, charitable organizations and individuals in many practice areas, including civil litigation, corporate advisory, criminal defense, divorce, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, private investments, real estate, regulatory and enforcement matters, securities and trusts and estates.

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  • Tricia Meyer

    Tricia Meyer

    Tricia Meyer is an attorney, blogger, affiliate marketer, wife, and mother of two daughters. As a young girl, she watched her single mother struggle to make ends meet while often working multiple jobs at a time. Tricia learned from her mom the value of hard work and gained an understanding of the importance of being resourceful. Her personal finance journey has taken her from defaulting on credit cards in college to eventually paying off almost $100,000 in student loans while at the same time putting away for her own children’s future educations.

    Tricia started writing online in 2004 with her site Helping Moms Connect. That experience allowed her to leave corporate America to create her own affiliate marketing company full-time in 2006. She was recognized as a StartUp Nation Leading Moms in Business winner in 2009 for her cash back and coupon community She writes and speaks frequently about online surveys, making money from home, saving when spending, and monetizing blogs. Tricia is a graduate of Ball State University and the Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington.

    Articles by Tricia Meyer

  • Sabrina O’Malone

    Sabrina O’Malone

    Sabrina O’Malone works full-time while raising and homeschooling her 6 children ages 12 and under. (That’s no typo - six kids + a full-time job + homeschooling!) Thanks to the Great Recession, she is personally rediscovering the lost art of frugality - and writing about the secrets to maintaining a great lifestyle while saving money in the process.

    Professionally, Sabrina is the founder and President of She’s an author, speaker and former Mrs. America Pageant Contestant. (Long story) Working with her husband Daniel, has become an online powerhouse, saving time, energy and money for nearly 500,000 families every year. The free checklists, coupons, inspiring articles and practical resources share the good news that it is indeed possible for moms to give 100% on the job and 100% to their families.

    Articles by Sabrina O'Malone

  • Eva Rosenberg

    Eva Rosenberg

    Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA, known as the Internet's TaxMama®, publishes the popular website, cited by Consumer Reports magazine as one of 2007s top tax advice sites, and LIFE Magazines Editors Pick in 2006. Dean of TaxMama's Online Enrolled Agent Review Course, Eva is training a new breed of tax professionals to pass the annual Internal Revenue Service license examinations. TaxMama's® tax professionals learn to understand and serve small businesses.

    Like Suze, Eva was Daddy's girl. She adored her father to the day he died. But financially, he was a disaster. One business after another failed. They were evicted from their home. Her step-mother was the main financial support for the family. But Mom never realized her own value until decades after being widowed. Growing up with financial dysfunction certainly helped Eva build a solid foundation for her own life. She hopes to help you learn your own value - and to avoid financial mistakes.

    Find TaxMama’s columns at and . Eva Rosenberg is regularly featured in publications from The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report to Rolling Stone and Womens Day. TaxMama® is the author of Small Business Taxes Made Easy, named one of the best tax books of 2005 by Entrepreneur Magazine. You’re invited to join TaxMama’s® Family at, where you can ask your questions at the live, monthly Round Tables or the Family Forum online.

    Articles by Eva Rosenberg

  • Kim Rowley

    Kim Rowley

    Kim Rowley has always had a knack for being frugal. After marrying young and bearing four children, including preemie twins, Kim learned to save on necessities in order to survive by cutting coupons and shopping the clearance racks. After Kim saved enough money for a computer, she taught herself web design so she could share the good deals she found online with family and friends. Her first website, was born in 1998 and continues to grow to include thousands of bargain shoppers nationwide.

    After Kim's husband left the family in 2002, Kim decided to create more websites to generate income and eventually founded Key Internet Marketing, Inc. Kim has since been featured in USA Today and Revenue Magazine and speaks on e-commerce entrepreneurship, content creation and marketing topics at numerous industry events. She also teaches Advanced Affiliate Marketing for the University of San Francisco. Kim has been able to build her dream home in the middle of nowhere (aka Nebraska), still works in her pajamas and is the self-proclaimed President of Shoeaholics Anonymous.

    Articles by Kim Rowley

  • Phyllis Shelton

    Phyllis Shelton

    Phyllis Shelton is a speaker, trainer and educator on the subject of planning for long-term care. She is the President of LTC Consultants, a national consulting firm that specializes in long-term care insurance training and has worked with ten of the top 15 long-term care insurance carriers. As the author of the book LONG-TERM CARE: Your Financial Planning Guide, her real passion is consumer education as she believes the failure to plan for long-term care is the biggest threat to the lifestyle and careers of American women as they struggle to care for their own children and assume caregiving responsibilities for a spouse or parent.

    Her full page client story was featured in Newsweek magazine as the recipient of the prestigious LIFE Foundation Client Service Award. She has been featured extensively in national publications such as the Wall St. Journal and her television appearances include Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act, CNNfn and a two-hour PBS documentary on caregiving. She is one of the nation’s leading voices on the subject of long-term care insurance.

    Articles by Phyllis Shelton

  • Liz Strauss

    Liz Strauss

    Growing up in an all-boys neighborhood might explain why I was late to fashion, but quick at knowing not to "flinch." Being allowed to teach first graders to read when I was only 10 is surely why I became a teacher then a schoolbook publisher. The exploring we did by the river could be why I follow my instincts. An home that rewarded curiosity has to be the seed behind how a blog post grew into a conference business. Could it be that having a money-minded son taught me how to bring my old skills and talents to new, exciting quests like Money Minded Moms? Of course, as I notice that each day I’m a little more like my own mom, I realize her influence could be what kept my heart and my mind growing, open, and alive.

    Liz Strauss is a brand strategist and community builder who's been working with new bloggers, moms and mompreneurs since 2005. She also works with corporations and small business to build revenue growth strategies using social media tools such as blogs. Liz is founder of SOBCon a business workshop that grew out of her popular and wrote The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog Liz Strauss has been named to the Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008 (and 2009) and most recently to Top Social Media Strategists To Watch In 2010

    Articles by Liz Strauss

  • Missy Ward

    Missy Ward

    In 2003, Missy Ward was a struggling single mother of a 2-year old son, who after dropping her son off at daycare, arrived at work every morning feeling undervalued and dramatically underpaid. After suffering what was to be the last indignity that she would stand for, she and her business partner each invested a couple of hundred dollars and a ton of sweat-equity in the launch of their own marketing business. Seven years later the company has grown to a multi-million dollar corporation and Missy is now married with a total of three elementary-school aged children.

    In addition to being the V.P. of Operations for, Missy is the Co-Founder/Owner of Affiliate,,,,,,, and Co-Publisher of She is an active fundraiser for charities that support breast cancer research, treatments and community programs and is an author and editor of a new book, Internet Marketing from the Real Experts, in which the net proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She hates cold weather, flavored coffee and meat. The way to her heart is through wine. Lots and lots of wine.

  • Julie Vazquez

    Julie Vazquez - Community Manager

    Julie Vazquez is happily married to a software engineer, and a mother of two boys. Johnathan a 19-year old college student, and Justin a 17-year old skateboarder. In 2002 she decided to take charge of her life and create a brighter future for her sons, by starting over on her own.

    During these rough times she found refuge in many online mom communities pouring her heart out, getting advice, and making life long friends. It was at that time she realized how powerful moms can be when they all worked together to achieve the same goal. When she was approached to help build a community of Money Minded Moms she jumped at the chance.

    Julie writes on her personal blog at Julie's Journal, where she focuses on health, beauty, house, and home product reviews and giveaways.

    When she’s not online connecting, socializing, and geeking out on the latest technology, you can find her enjoying movies, music, reading, nature, her cats, cooking (mostly eating), and dreaming about the vacations she wants to take one day.